Violence and Music, What causes people to become violent at rock concerts?

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In the year 2000 in Roskilde, Denmark, nine people, all men, lost their lives during a Pearl Jam concert on Roskilde Festival's main stage. A similar situation occured in 1979 in Cincinnati when eleven people were trampled to death in a rush to get good seats at a concert of The Who, and now, just recently, a mob broke out in Vancouver after angry Guns 'n' Roses fans were told that the concert had been cancelled. It …

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…very effective aggressor. Many people who get involved in a mosh pit, or a mob, would not normally be doing something like that. When a crowd rushes to a stage where their rolemodels are playing their music, they feel certain that these famous musicians understand their pain, confusion, and angst, and they are not themselves. Also, if the music is aggressive, the listeners will become aggressive, and that is where things start to get dangerous!