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Vincent Van Gogh was born March 30th 1853. He was born in a small village of Groot-Zundart. His father Theodorus Van Gogh was a Protestant Preacher in the village. Vincent had a younger brother Theo who was born May 1st 1857. Vincent had three uncles that were art dealers so it was hard to imagine that he would not get involved with art. In July of 1869 Vincent left to become an apprentice to Goupil's art dealers at …

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…the artwork I have seen, it brings a certain peace of mind to you when you sit back and look at it. The painting is very bold in brush strokes that help bring it into life; you almost feel the light from the stars and the moon. Vincent Van Gogh is my favorite artist and this is why I bought a reproduction of the painting, which hangs over my bed back home in Va. Beach.