Vincent Van Gogh The Successful Failure

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Vincent Van Gogh: The Successful Failure On March 30, 1852, Anna van Gogh and her husband, "The Handsome Pastor," (Theodorus van Gogh) gave birth to their first child. Alas, the child was born dead. The dead child was named Vincent. One year later to the exact day, Anna gave birth to yet another child. Her second child was named after the dead born child, Vincent. Vincent's early loneliness and isolation sprang from his mother. Anna refused to …

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…results in failure. In this biography, poor van Gogh fails at everything he attempts. He even fails at suicide. Any friends he made were quickly lost due to his vicious opinions and temper. He failed at selling his paintings, at becoming a preacher, at romantic relationships, at parental relations, at keeping good health, at social relations, at art school, at employment, and at self-worth. Perhaps this tormented genius was only successful at one thing: Failure.