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**note: the "#" stand for footnotes, please refer to the seperate footnote list for details. The Affects of The Vietnam War on U.S. Foreign Policy and The Media As men were gruesomely slaughtered and women and children savagely massacred in Vietnam, the citizens of the U.S. sat cozily in their chairs watching these atrocities on their TVs. The Vietnam War changed the U.S. so much and in so many ways, that we are …

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…ever-present reminders will be ringing in their ears for what is hopefully eternity. When the mistakes the American government made "tempted enemies to exploit opportunities at the expense of United States interests,"# they knew the consequences would leave more than a small mark. Once again, looking back on the events of Vietnam, one can see that the U.S. foreign policies were largely altered and the metamorphosis of the media and journalism was absolutely astonishing.