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Precedent and Contemporary “ A Look at Vietnam “ Joel Cotton Period 2 6/9/00 The Vietnam War was the nation's longest war, costing fifty-eight thousand American lives. United States military began participating in Vietnam in 1964, and the U.S Treasury ended up spending over $140 billion on the war. Despite these costs and trauma from the American people, the United States failed for the first time in its history, to achieve its goal. The goal was to preserve a separate, …

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…In January 1973, the United States and North Vietnam signed the Paris Peace Agreement, which provided for the withdrawal of all remaining U.S. forces from Vietnam, the return of U.S. prisoners of war, and a cease-fire. The American troops ! and POWs came home, but the war continued. In April 1975, North Vietnamese troops and tanks converged on Saigon, and the war was over. “It seemed that out of battle I escaped…” ( Strange Meeting ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**