Viderunt Omnes by Magister Leoninus

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Magister Leoninus Viderunt Omnes When George Gershwin wrote "I Got Rhythm," he knew that, for generations to come, listeners and performers alike would have a good idea of what he meant. After all, there would be recordings and piano rolls of his actual performances of the piece. Not to mention a standardized notation system to guide future performers. Alas, no such musical preservatives were available to Magister Leoninus in the last half of the 12th …

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…differently in different places on different occasions. Thelonious Monk's "'Round Midnight," within a decade of its release, was already being played with "East Coast changes" or "West Coast changes." Things would have been much more diverse before mass communication. However, if I were to pick between the free or metric renditions, I would pick the free version. It just sounds more authentic to my modern ears. Besides, an internet search tells the score: Peres 12, Morrow 0.