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History of the Château de Versailles from 1038 to 1670... The first mention of Versailles appeared in 1038 in the deeds of the Saint-Père Abbey at Chartres. Hugo de Versailliis is one of the signatories. The foundation of the parish devoted to Saint-Julien dated back to this time. The Lords of Versailles were subject to the direct authority of the King. Their modest castle dominating the church and the village stood on the southernmost slope of …

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…solution. The King wished to destroy the old castle and to replace it by a stone building. For financial reasons, this project will never be carried out. Versailles is thus an unfinished castle formed of two encased different constructions one in the other. The facade on the garden side expresses really the project of Louis XIV and his architects. A vast palace in Italian style whose flat roofs are dissimulated by a balustrade. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**