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Verification. Richard pulled his coat around his neck to block out the rain which seemed to be blowing sideways today, even though he only had a 20 minutesí lunch break; he always took a walk around the park, which where near the bank. Even in snow; he remembered last year when the snow reached his knees; he still went for his daily walk. Officer Richard MacArthur, of the A-1 Omega Security Company, had worn his uniform …

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…a real cop anymore, thinking about this would bring him joy in the future. Richard looked into the man's eyes, and what he saw there made him smile. "You take care of her. I'm not always gonna be around." Lucas held the door, returning the smile. "Count on it." ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** It's a short story based on a crime. It's 3 pages long, i got a 10 on it, (B+). Corrections have been made on it. Enjoy.