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Geographical Features- Venezuela has seven physical geographic regions; The Andes Mountains, which include the highest peaks in the country, extend northward into Venezuela in two branches divided by the Lake Maracaibo Lowlands. Pico Bolivar is the highest point of the Venezuelan Andes at 16,427 feet and it is located in the eastern branch, the Cordillera de Merida The Sierra de Perija, the western branch, extends along the border with Colombia. The lowlands of Lake Maracaibo are …

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…majority group consists of 69% Mestizo, 20% White, and 9% Black. There are immigrants who enter illegally and remain, which make up about one-fourth of the population. The majority come from neighboring Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. The ethnic and racial groups are regionally oriented. Whites and mestizos are found mainly in the major cities, with the Indians being able to maintain their culture in the remote interior areas. Blacks and the mulatto-mestizo groups concentrate along the Caribbean coast.