Van Gogh's "Cypresses"

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Cypresses Van Gogh's "Le Cypres" or, in English, Cypresses, was painted in 1889. It shows two cypress trees, on a sunny landscape of grass, rolling hills, mountains, and a clear blue sky. These trees are overbearing, large, dark and almost scary and intimidating, however this painting is a very beloved one. It evokes feelings of danger, power and turmoil, but the bright background makes it human and beautiful. Van Gogh uses large, thick brush strokes to …

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…this contrast. In this painting, the trees provide the danger to the serene, peaceful scene. In addition, the shapes of the cypresses seem to evoke a more masculine power symbol, such as the Egyptian obelisk. This painting is very interesting because it deals with two contrasting emotions, as did Van Gogh when he painted it. He had just been placed in a mental hospital, so these trees, to an extent, illustrate his descent into insanity.