Using Tom Robinsons trial as a starting point explain what we learn about Maycomb Society after reading To Kill a Mocking Bird

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Using Tom Robinson’s trial as a starting point, explain what we learn about Maycomb Society after reading ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’ Harper Lee’s novel ‘To kill a Mocking bird’ revolves around Maycomb a typical rural town of the American South. The story is set in the 1930s a period when racism and prejudice are commonly encountered in everyday life. The novel follows the conviction of an apparently innocent Black man sentenced almost …

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…narrow and strict codes of behaviour and gossip. Throughout the story ‘To kill a Mockingbird, people were placed in symbolic and actual prisons. The important thing is that these people conquered and broke-free from their own imprisonment. The same challenges and follies that were present in the novel are also present in our communities; by reading ‘To kill a mocking bird’ we can learn from the characters lives and possibly gain insight to our own.