Using Irony in a Play. An essay about Sophocles' Antigone and the usage of irony throughout the play,

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In the play Antigone, Sophocles uses many important literary elements, but of the most important is irony. Three types of irony he uses are dramatic, attitudinal, and verbal irony. Sophocles' use of irony in Antigone has a great impact on the play. If Sophocles did not use irony in his play, the events in the scenes would have been very different from what they are now. Irony is also used to add suspense, making the …

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…play. The many examples of irony in Antigone contributed to the violent and very tragic outcome of the play. Creon's blindness to the truth caused him to lose not just one, but three family members. Dramatic, attitudinal, and verbal irony: all different types of irony, but have many of the same impacts. Sophocles' use of irony is what makes up this classic tragedy, making it suspenseful and addictive. Without irony, there would be no Antigone.