Using Act 1 Scene 5 as a starting point, show how Shakespeare presents ideas about Romeo and Juliet's love in a dramatically effective way.

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Romeo and Juliet's youth produces a problem for Shakespeare: he must convince the audience of the sincerity and genuineness of their love for each other. He accomplishes this in a variety of ways. He presents courtly love and romantic love to highlight the authenticity of the romantic love and uses different techniques in his writing to strengthen this impression such as oxymorons, imagery, contrasting strong emotions and the impending tragedy. Romeo's love for Juliet has …

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…cannot exist without each other. Shakespeare uses the idea of love conquering all in the play. Throughout the play, love has been the cause of conflict and death: Mercutio defending Romeo's honour, Romeo avenging Mercutio, Paris defending Juliet. Finally, at the end love brings peace to the two families and brings Romeo and Juliet together. Only the death of the two "star-crossed lovers" could make the families see sense so love, at last, conquered hate.