Usage of the terms 'image', 'art' and 'artists' and the Medieval and Early Modern periods.

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It is important to look firstly at the meaning of the three words image, art and artists; what they mean today and what they meant to the people of Medieval and Early Modern periods. The Collins dictionary defines image as 1. a mental picture of someone or something produced by the imagination or memory. 2. the appearance or impression given to the public by a person or organization. 3. a simile or metaphor. 4. the representation of a person …

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…gain the title of artist until people wanted their pictures purely for aesthetic purposes. Bibliography. *Baxendal, Michelle. Reading Rembrandt: Beyond the Word - Image opposition. Cambridge. CUP. 1991. *Collins dictionary. Harper Collins. 1995. *Gombrich, Ernest. The Story of Art. Phardon 1950, 2001. *Magurn, Ruth, translated and edited by. The letters of Peter Paul Rubens. Harvard UP 1955. *Schapiro, Meyer, On the Aesthetic Attitude in Romanesque Art 1947. *Vassari, Giorgio. Lives of the Artists. A selection translated by George Bull. Penguin books, 1987.