Us 1 history midterm study guide...might as well help other people it is a guide to everything on my midterm review sheet

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US 1 mid-term study guide- Chapter 1: the Atlantic world Nomadic: people who move around all the time looking for food. Bering Strait: body of water between lands ancestors of Native Americans crossed the land bridge to North America. Land bridge: ex: before where people crossed over Middle ages: was a time of Black Death. Crusades: series of wars undertaken by European Christians between the 11th and 14th cent. To recover the Holy Land from the Muslims. …

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…industry" man who moved to American industrial revolution Textile mill: factories where they make cloth Steam engine: invented by James Watts in Britain. It worked by harnessing the tremendous force given off by expanding steam. Used to make textiles, and later on used to power a ship. Robert Fulton: sailed the first successful steam powered boat Railroads: invented during this time and improved transportation Spirituals: African slaves sang rituals as a sign of hope and