Untill Death Due us Part

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Until Death Due Us Part Setting exists on every from of fiction, representing elements of time, place and social context throughout the work. These elements can create particular moods, character qualities, or features of theme. Throughout Kate Chopin’s story “The Story of an Hour” differing amounts and types of setting are revealed as the plot develops. This story deals with a young woman’s emotional state as she discovers her own independence in her …

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…believe to be “joy that kills”(16) Downstairs she must act like the typical late nineteenth-century woman, completely devoted to her husband and family.! Her husband has the key to the front door and the downstairs area, and, apparently, is the one that holds the power over that part of the house. Upstairs, however, Louise looks forward to her new life without her husband, her “monstrous joy”(14). In her upstairs room, she is free ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**