Unexpected vampires at dawn.

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I wake up. It's still dark outside. It wasn't the alarm clock that woke me up. It was some voice inside me whispering: "DANGER... DANGER..." I look around the room apprehensively, the blood in my veins running icy cold. Perhaps some maniac has sneaked into the house and my instinct shook me up. But everything seems to be all right. The street lamp outside my window is off and I can't see very well, but …

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…my case, somebody sucks up most of the blood of a friend, they become a single being. There are few remaining vampires nowadays. Now I am one of them. Indeed, I have the feeling that Clara has saved many people and now we are a single "I", all of us. Well, now I should be on my way to find new friends worthy of eternal life. And... who knows, maybe you are one of them?