Underwater hockey

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Underwater Hockey Underwater hockey was created in the mid-twentieth century, by those that found ice, street and field hockey all to unexciting. It seemed that the only things left unchallenged in hockey were air and water. Thus, this game removed the first, and added the latter. Underwater hockey is held at the bottom of a swimming pool 2-4 meters deep. The 6 players in the water must hold their breath while playing, but there are 4 substitutes …

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…away from the norm of hockey. It creates a new type of skill needed to play hockey- endurance under water is very different from endurance on land. This also brings together many countries from around the world- and the people that believe that sports don't have to just be what has always been. And as Patrick Partington (underwater hockey enthusiast) said, in this game "air is a privilege, not a right!". Reference: www.extreme-sports.com