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Underwater Photography Over spring break, I scuba-dived for the first time in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Having gone to aquariums as a child, I have always marveled at how much vibrance, color, and life exists beneath the surface of the water. To actually be apart of that underwater environment is an experience that is indescribable. You feel as if you are in a different universe from the world above, suspended in mid-air, with all these wonderful …

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…and enthusiasts stationed around the world, wherever diving is found. Equipment ranges from a simple, inexpensive disposable camera purchased at a corner store for the beginner, to advanced single-lens-reflex 35mm cameras with an assortment of lenses and flashes for the expert. Without a doubt, underwater photography is truly a pastime for anyone who loves to swim or dive, take pictures, and wants to share the incredible experience of diving with the rest of the world.