Understanding Arthur Miller's "All My Sons"

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In Arthur Miller's drama, All My Sons, the characters of Jim Bayliss, Frank Lubey, Chris Keller and George Deever, all have difficulty in accepting the realities of life, and the possibilities of the future. Though all different in nature, they all willing to settle instead of striving for what they want. Unfortunately, they don't realize that they are settling, instead believing that they are living according to their principles. The easiest character to understand is …

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…Much like George, he makes himself the victim of everyone else's past. And that is how Jim, Frank, Chris and George are all similar. The all secretly yearn for a great future, but feel bound by a less past. They repress their own desires, outwardly saying they are doing it for the good of others, but secretly they are afraid to try something that could cause them to be diminished in the eyes of others.