Under The Influence

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In the first volume of the trilogy, Celestine, there were many positive and negative influences in the life of Celestine. The Indian Department discouraged Celestine in many ways. Father Victor Gaudet also played an important role in her life. Lastly, Celestine faced struggles with her family at home. Some of the positive and negative influences in Celestine’s life were the discouragement of the Indian Department, Father Victor Gaudet, and her struggles at home. Celestine …

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…the family’s financial problems. Despite the encounters at the Laing Center and C.C.U., Celestine managed to overcome the oppression dealt out by the Indian Department. Father Gaudet admitted Celestine into his school and treated her as no school had ever done, which overjoyed Celestine. Also due to oppression, the Lafluers faced many struggles at home. Freedom from oppression must be demanded by the oppressed because the oppressor will never give it out.