Unconditional love-William Shakespeare

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English 12 Mr. February 24, 2000` Unconditional Love “I Grant I never saw a goddess go (walk)” (Line ), In these lines from William Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 130” and Christopher Marlowe’s “ThePassionate Shepherd To His Love”, the themes of unconditional love, material treasures, and vivid imagery are all used throughout the poems through different points of view, to describe their unconditional love. The theme of unconditional love is expressed through the two poems. The poet Christopher Marlowe in the …

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…unconditional love, they are expressed with different conditions uses material treasure while the other uses physical attributes. These two extravagant poem themes are a combination of vivid imagery, and treasures which illustrates the poets unconditional love. There are differences within their similarities. These similarities and differences within the poems not only make the themes more illustrated, but they also help a great deal to show the major theme of the poet’s poem. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**