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The book starts out where Uncle Tom is sold to a trader because of his owner’s debts. Mr. Shelby is the owner of Uncle Tom and many other slaves. He saves a girl's life, Eva, while on a boat, and her father buys him. He spends several years in New Orleans at their house. While he was there he helped St. Clare, the father, find God. When Eva and St. Clare die, he is …

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…Topsy and that Eva and St. Clare die. Up the Red River and away from New Orleans in the depth of swamp, Legree has his plantation. There are no other white folk on the plantation--no one can testify against Legree in court except for a white person, so he can never be accused of misdeed. Here Tom spends his last days picking cotton, until Legree and his two overseers beat him to death. Bibliography none