US Involvement in Chilean Politics 1970-1976

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Almost three decades ago the most tragic event of Chilean history was taking place. Machine gunfire raged through downtown Santiago, the coup had begun. Yet, at Nixon's White House, the events were cause for celebration, a culmination of three years of covert operations, propaganda and economic sabotage. Declassified U.S. government records shed light on corners of the story that previously had been suspected, but not proven. The documents describe how an angry Nixon demanded …

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…Force Activities, 15 September to 3 November 1970, November 18, 1970: 13. Department of State, Chilean Executions, November 16, 1973: 14. Department of Defense, U.S. Milgroup, Situation Report #2, October 1, 1973: 15. Department of State, Memorandum for Henry Kissinger on Chile, December 4, 1970: 16. Department of State, Kubisch-Huerta Meeting: Request for Specific Replies to Previous Questions on Horman and Teruggi Cases, February 11, 1974: 17. Department of Defense, Directorate of National Intelligence (DINA) Expands Operations and Facilities, April 15, 1975: 18. FBI Report to Chilean Military on Detainee, June 6, 1975: 19. FBI, Operation Condor Cable, September 28, 1976: