USS Arizona Memorial

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U.S.S. Arizona Memorial December 7th, 1941, was the opening of World War 2, in the Pacific arena. In 1931, Japan invaded China's northern parts and then in 1937, Japan announced a full invasion of China. The United States couldn't just stand by and let Japan take over Asia's parts, so they moved their fleets to Pearl Harbor. The strongest ships were the battleships, which were named after the states of the union. U.S. Arizona was made …

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…recorder with me to help me remember what should never be forgotten. The fact that these men died for the sake of our freedom is something should never be forgotten. I've been to the U.S. Memorial before but I never learned as much as I had this time around. I enjoyed this project and learned how much of an impact the Japanese surprise attack in Pearl Harbor means to the United States of America.