USAs effort in vietnam

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In the warm spring of 1975, the end of a long war was approaching. For many years the jungles of southern Vietnam had been a battle zone. The United States of America had long since retired from this war. From the fall of Hue in mid March 1975, the American government had given up on the “conflict” in Vietnam. The troops and government had been on the defensive, or run, from March until the 30th of April …

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…helicopter took flight from the roof of the U.S. Embassy in the city of Saigon thus ending the war. Already had the dark shadow been cast upon the American effort in Vietnam though. These last several months of the occupation of Vietnam had already been a foretold loss. Not by the Vietcong, but by our own government. Gradually, piece by piece they through away any flitting chance that America had at surviving in Vietnam.