U.S. Involvement in Nicaragua

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Not very many Americans know the truth that lies beneath the U.S.’ involvement in Nicaragua. Most would be surprised to find out that U.S. armed forces and politicians violated U.S. laws and deliberately sabotaged Nicaragua’s stable government by paying the dictator’s henchmen to kill Nicaraguan citizens. The United States is considered one of the major superpower nations in this world. It is highly influential to other countries and often takes …

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…truth to the American public, the people most effected by these traumatizing experiences will remember the U.S.’ involvement for years to come. A more productive action on the part of the U.S. would have been to pick a side and support if or walk away and let the Sandinista government rebuild Nicaragua on its own. Despite the U.S.’ efforts to help the dilemmas in Nicaragua, they were only able to worsen it.