Tyrants of the Yesterday and Today

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Tyrants of Greece and Today A tyrant is defined as an “Absolute ruler, especially an oppressive or cruel one.” Rulers such as this date back to the Athenian era and stretch into the twentieth century. The first brutal tyrant of Athens was Draco. His revision of the code of laws made even the smallest offense punishable by death. For some, stealing was the only means of survival. Unfortunately for these people there was a deadly …

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…the constant basis of fear. In Athens, it derived itself from deadly laws. Today, this tyrannical fear works just the same. A tyrant was once generally defined as a one-man ruler. Unfortunately the word is now used to describe such people as Saddam Hussein and Slobodan Milosevic. These people hide behind an illustration they paint of themselves and claim they are not evil. The fact is ruthless tyrants are evil and they must be stopped.