Two Warriors A Comparison and Contrast of Beowulf and The Knight from The Canterbury Tales

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The Canterbury Tales Character Knight Beowulf Quest - fights religious wars - fights for god - fights for the good of others - kills evil things - fights in order to have bragging right - fights for the good of others Society’s View - most admired person of all the tales - seen as a hero - seen as boastful and overconfident - seen as a hero Religious Beliefs - believes in God - …

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…to church. It also does not mention of Beowulf asking for forgiveness for the slaying of others. The Knight and Beowulf are two fictional characters that spend most of their time fighting. They both are moral, but some of their qualities are quite different. The Knight, humble and virtuous, loves God and does anything for Him. Beowulf, boastful and arrogant, loves attention but dies to save his people. Both men are heroes in their time.