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The roles of Malvolio and Sir Toby in Twelfth Night In Twelfth Night, the contrasting roles of Malvolio and Sir Toby Belch help the play develop to the fullest possible extent. In one respect, the two characters work as purely comedic players, bringing joy to the audience in the form of drunkenness and pranks. But beyond the lighter surface of the play lies a deeper meaning: Toby and Malvolio have very different views of life. …

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…the play run more smoothly, and leaves nothing to be desired in terms of cleanliness and clarity. Toby's tricks and Malvolio's awkwardly worded speech add comedy, while the more elaborate side of Malvolio makes the viewer try to understand what is going on inside his head. Every frame of reference upheld by Toby and Malvolio urges the play's spectators to get more involved in the play, and keeps them amused Toby's pranks and Malvolio's clumsiness.