Twain's cheated ending of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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Ernest Hemmingway once said he felt "cheated" by Mark Twain's ending to Huckleberry Finn. I would agree. The last several chapters show an expensive change in the tone and message of the book. They also seem to diminish the growth of Huck's character. I also feel that the backdrop of the Phelps' Plantation makes the story's end less plausible. Twain's masterpiece begins unraveling as all the characters reunite at the Phelps' Plantation. The fact that …

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…slave and the ending should have relfected that. Furhtermore, the spotlight should not have been turned over to Tom. Huck should have maintained his independence and newfound knowledge to confront the situation at hand. Most importantly, Miss Watson's freeing of Jim was their defeat, not success. Now he will never truly own himself and Huck will never see that Jim's natural rights should outweigh the law. With Twain's ending that will both still remain prisoners.