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TURKEY Arriving in Turkey, youíre given the unique opportunity to see where it all began. Turkey is known as the land-bridge linking Europe and Asia. It has a long and varied history. Throughout her 10,000 year. Turkey is a Middle Eastern nation that is both in Europe and Asia. Turkey borders Bulgaria on the northwest, Greece on the west, the Soviet Union and Iran on the East, and Iraq and Syria on the south. The …

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…ceramics. Richly colored ceramic tiles decorate many mosques and palaces in Turkey. Turkish weavers have long been famous for their elaboratley designed rugs. They made many of the first Oriental rugs that were used in Europe. High taxes, inflation and political unrest have troubled Turkey since the late 1960ís. At that time, radical groups of Turks began staging such terrorist acts as bombings, kidnappings and murders in an attempt to overthrow the government. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**