Tupac and The Outlawz history

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TUPAC AND THE OUTLAWZ HISTORY Formerly known as 2pac. Tupac began career as a Roadie with Digital Underground premiering on the track entitled "Same Song." His first album was "2pacalypse Now" which came out in 1991.The follow-up to that album was entitled "Strictly 4 my N.I.G.G.A.Z."in '93. He was involved in many legal and criminal troubles including a rape charge in '94 just before his "Me Against the World" LP …

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…of course 2pac aka Makaveli is also. He has never, to my knowledge released a solo album. He, as Syke did, appeared on several tracks in the "All Eyez on Me" album as an Outlaw Immortal and it is also rumored that Suge Knight did not want Mussolini and him in the group. He is also 2pac's Half-Brother. The Outlawz recently signed to Rap-A-lot Records, based in Texas, and are releasing material from there now.