Tsunami and Their Effects

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Throughout the world, there are many forces of nature, which contain massive destructive power. At any given point in time, somewhere on the globe, there can be earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, heatwaves or even volcanic eruptions, to name just a few. One of the most feared of all the naturally occurring destructive forces is the tsunami. The word tsunami is of Japanese origin. The word “tsunami” is both singular and plural. It literally translates to “Harbor …

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…history, Mother Nature has delivered some deadly blows to Mankind. Man has finally come to an understanding of the physics behind many of the natural disasters encountered on planet earth: however, the day Man gains the power, knowledge and ability to stop these forces of nature still appears to be far over the horizon. Perhaps the day will come when the human race will have to ability to stop the terrifying “Harbor Waves”. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**