True Diversity: Ethics Discussion GEN 480: Interdisciplinary Capstone Course This paper is meant to discuss how my personal ethics were derived and how they are applied to a workplace situation

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True Diversity: Ethics Discussion In order to discuss my ethical values, how I came upon my ethical values and how I apply them to difficult situations, one must first understand the definition of ethics, both my own and that provided by various texts, as well as the difference between ethics, morals and values. Only then can the discussion continue into what are my ethics, how they were developed, how are they manifested and the implications …

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…and pride in being myself. I have had to use a lifetime of tragic events to reinvent myself at a time when I had a strong support system from my wife. She shares some of my ethical beliefs and we plan on sharing these same beliefs with our children when they get older. References Holmes, R. (2002). Basic moral philosophy. Belmont, California: Thomson Wadsworth. Ruggiero, V.R. (1997). Thinking critically about ethical issues. Mountain View, California: Mayfield.