Trichinella spiralis.

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Trichinosis The scientific name is Trichinella spiralis. The organism of Trichina is a small roundworm that causes the disease of trichinosis. The worm is a parasite. It lives by feeding on other animals. Trichina is in the Trichina family. One can get trichinosis by eating uncooked meat. If an animal is alive and has the disease it will be fine, yet the disease will leave in a period of time, but if it is killed …

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…animals especially hogs. Meat packers should freeze the meat. Cooks should be sure that the central section of the meat (pork) is held in at least 137 F (58 C) for 5 minutes. Trichina can be found in humans and mainly rats, hog, and bears. Trichina has been around for many years. In Canada and the United States the leading cause of the disease is mishandled and uncooked meats such as pork. Remember to cook your meat thoroughly.