Trials of Joan of Arc

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The Trial of Jeanne d’Arc Jeanne d’Arc, better known as Joan of Arc, was the Maid of Orleans. She was a great heroin of the Hundred Years War for the French and was the spirit of the army. She was only a teenager when she heard the voices of Saint Catherine, Saint Michael, and Saint Margaret. The voices told her to march with the French army to drive out the English and place …

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…last, we are told, it seemed that one great cry for justice broke from the multitude.” Jeanne d’Arc was canonized in 1920 and her feast falls upon the day of May 30. Bibliography 1. Murray, T. Douglas Jeanne d’Arc, Maid of Orleans: Deliverer of France William Heimeman, London 1903 2.“Joan of Arc” The Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, Third Edition Pg. 1-33. Bois, Danuta. “Joan of Arc” n.d. Pg. 1-2