Treaty of Versailles after World War One

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'The Treaty of Versailles was unfair' The treaty of Versailles was a condition of terms regarding peace that was presented to Germany by the Allies in 1919. Three reasons why the treaty was unfair was that Germany was forced to take all the blame for the war, Germany lost 6 million people and 13% of her territory and Germany was forced to pay an outstanding amount in reparations. In November 1918 to June 1919, the representatives of the victorious nations (…

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…amount in reparations. If the treaty of Versailles had been framed differently and Germany had been treated more fairly then the Second World War might never of happened. "Some years later (after the treaty was signed) the French commander Marshal Foch pointed to the Polish Corridor (which Germany lost to Poland due to the treaty) on the new map of Europe and observed that there, lies the cause of the next war. He was right".