Treaty of Versailles

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A Violation The Treaty of Versailles was a violation of Wilsonís ideals. The Treaty is one of the most important agreements (or disagreements) that shaped 20th century Europe socially and physically. Woodrow Wilson on January 22, 1917 in an address to the United States Senate called for a peace without victors, but the Treaty signed by the participating nations was everything but that. The blame for the war was placed on Germany and justified the reparations …

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…taken away and its nationalist feelings have intensified. The real danger in Europe was German unwillingness to accept defeat or surrender their longtime dream of expansion. In conclusion, had the Allies Powers listened to President Wilson's hopes for a new world and to his famous Fourteen Points, the settlement would have been peaceful and the Germans would not have been humiliated as they have been and would have no reason to want to seek revenge.