Treatment of Native Americans

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After the American Revolution the new United States government hoped to maintain peace with the Indians on the frontier. But as settlers continued to migrate westward they made settlements on Indian lands and demanded and received protection by the Army. Tecumseh, a Shawnee chief, organized several tribes to oppose further ceding of Indian lands. But they were defeated in 1811 by Gen. William Henry Harrison at the battle of Tippecanoe. During the War of 1812 many of …

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…Other tribes failed to help Black Hawk's band, and it was crushed in August. Black Hawk was imprisoned for a time and then was taken east, where he met President Andrew Jackson. Later he was allowed to return to Iowa. His autobiography, dictated to a government interpreter, is an American classic. He died in Iowa in 1838. Bibliography Grolier Mutlimedia Encyclopedia 1998.Http:// Interactive inc. 1997 ComptonsEncyclpedia 2000 Deluxe. The Learning Company. 1999