Transgenic Animals. These are animals that are genetically engineered in order to produce something or do something that they wouldn't usually produce or do.

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Introduction: Imagine a perfect world with no sicknesses or diseases? With no bad or violent attitudes? A world where you could design your kids however you wanted? A world where food would always taste good? All this became a possibility when Genetic Engineering was invented. By altering the humans, plants, or animals genes this world could become a reality. Except it would be no fun, and mostly not ethical or moral. You would be playing …

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…carefully regulated. Only the most promising work and experimentation should be allowed. This way the benefits would including saving thousands of human lives at the expense of some animal lives. But as the scientists improve the need to use animals in a bad way will decrease and everything will be better. In the end, transgenic animals are a wonderful advance and if people support it we will help in the quest for improving human health.