Transendentalism in Emerson's Poetry

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Ralph Waldo Emerson always considered himself a poet despite his many volumes of Essays and other works. Therefore this essay only deals with Emersonís poetry. Emerson told a lot with his prose but he told more with his poetry. Often, fundamental aspects of transcendentalism are shown through literary devices in his poetry. Of these, the idea of the Over-Soul is one of the most common. Emerson uses many literary devices to illustrate the Over-Soul …

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…efforts. Also it uses an "abab" rhyme scheme to show the order of the Minute Men as they marched into battle. In conclusion, the poet and author Ralph Waldo Emerson used many literary techniques to illustrate the transcendentalist idea of the Over-Soul. It is shown through the connection and rhyme of his poems and also with the use of Apostrophe and Personification and other literary devices. But it is shown most by one thing: subject.