Transcendentalism, it's beliefs and history, including information on Thoreau and Emerson, including quotes

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So very many things in life sound like a great idea until they are actually acted upon. Examples of this are communism, eating an Extra Large Super Banana Split all by yourself, mosh pits, relationships in high school, and transcendentalism. They all seem wonderful and will create excellent results; but once you try and put the puzzle together you're missing several pieces. Transcendentalists endeavored to extend their ideas across the country, but failed. Their ideas …

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…not act out on some of these theories; such as empathy, compassion, understanding, leadership, change, hard work, or self-sufficiency; most realize that through these ethics one shall obtain a life of peace and happiness. Unfortunately, because man shifts so easily into temptation and laziness, a society, or utopia, like this shall never exist. It is my belief that Emerson and Thoreau did not expect perfection; but rather improvement. Even mistakes can at times be perfect.