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Terror at Eerie Mt. “Go find some twigs to make a splint quickly!”said the guide Chris, with a low tone. “Its going to storm, it looks really bad.” he shouted. “Listen Dave, I need you to be still and try not think of the pain.” Chris shrieked. “Can someone please get me something to soak up the blood?! Oh my God!” Chris demanded. “Stop staring!” shouted the bearded guide. “Am I going to die?” …

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…idea of Self Reliance and I wish everyone could read this essay and discover the many truths that it contains. Emerson says: stop trying to be popular and to have support from your peers; don’t believe everything you come across, if it doesn’t quite make sense, question it. Simple as that. Believe that your mind is just as functional as everyone else’s. And finally, concentrate on being the leader, not the follower.