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The writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson dealt with three aspects of transcendental thought, which consisted of spiritual, philosophical, and literary content. In his time, Emerson imparted an influence upon his contemporaries and American literature. He explicitly encouraged other writers by his appeal for new American literature and new voices because America had failed to denounce European literature and produce its own literary scholarship. Emerson believed that literature should have a spiritual influence because of personal …

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…scholar is independent of Europe, he will recognize that "the ancient precept 'Know Thyself,' and the modern precept, 'Study nature,' become at last one maxim." Therefore, Emerson uses nature as a catalyst for his transcendentalist movement. The influence of nature must be shaped by the mind of the past. By embracing natural history in terms of literary and spiritual ends, Emerson's work suggests that American literature can greatly be inspired by America's nature.