TransAtlantic Slave Trade The European Role

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TRANS-ATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE The European Role I. Introduction A. Defining the slave trade II. European Role in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade 1. The Portuguese 2. The Dutch 3. The English and the French 2. Detail of the information III. Conclusion The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade was the most abominable and cruel from of slavery, but it was neither the first nor the only slave trade. Slavery was a recognized institution around the world long before the Egyptians enslaved the Jews. …

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…Europe and Western Africa because of religious, political and commercial reasons. Some scholars believe the Portuguese wanted to be the middleman in the trade between Asia and Europe. Because the Portuguese were looking for grain and gold, they traveled to the country that was known to have both, Africa. Hoping to secure some of the Trans-Saharan trade in gold, ivory, and slaves monopolized by their enemies, they organized trade to the West Coast of Africa.