Tragic Women of Shakespeare (Juliet, Portia, Ophelia, and Cordelia)

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Women in Shakespeare's plays were not of importance, compared to the male characters. Though, the women had a minor role in the plays, they played a big role in the lives of others in the play. Some of them will end tragically, or end the same way they started, as nothing. In Romeo and Juliet, Juliet Capulet to me seems to be the most tragic of all Shakespeare's women characters. She fell in love with …

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…of the important key factors in the conclusion of the play itself. Juliet died because she loved Romeo. Portia died because she loved Brutus. Ophelia died because she loved Hamlet, and finally Cordelia died because she loved King Lear. People should not die for love, but in Shakespeare's plays, it seems so. Therefore, for love, death is tragic. But if death is the only way to die, then death is the best way to die.