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A Tragic Hero A tragic hero displays many specific characteristics. Many of them are displayed by Arthur Dimmesdale in novel The Scarlet Letter. Arthur Dimmesdale is a tragic hero because he suffers beyond the depths of despair, and then comes to a moral resolution. Dimmesdale is a tragic hero because he suffers for his sin. He commits a sin and a crime with Hester. Hester confesses her sin to the town's people outwardly and wears …

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…Dimmesdale sickness is not physical, but is caused by a sinner's soul (chapter 10). Chillingworth inevitably drives Dimmesdale sick and insane. He has evil dreams and hallucinations. Dimmesdale became a tragic hero because of suffering for what he did wrong. Dimmesdale shows many qualities of a tragic hero. There are many more tragic heroes in literature that shows some of these qualities. There are many people in history that become tragic heroes displaying the same characteristics.