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Foolis Hearts Tragedy Essay Oedipus Rex, Macbeth, The Great Gatsby Throughout literary history tragic heroes have managed to deceive everyone but themselves. The tragedy lies in the fact that the they believe they can fool themselves as well as everyone else. Tragic heroes always seem to bring their own downfall upon themselves just when the believe they are invincible. This sense of hubris will bring about the downfall of families, communities and even entire empires. …

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…as is the case in the three tragedies. The point where people start doubting the realities built for them is when the builders fall. The tragedy is the loss of the creativity, the strength, charisma, the positive power the builders possess. The builders though, always want more. As Jack Kerouac eloquently put it in his poem “Flies”...“And wasn’t there ever a time when flies didn’t seek the sun through forbidden windowpanes.”(Kerouac)