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*HTML**FONT SIZE=5 PTSIZE=14**B*The Forensic Science Review*/FONT**FONT SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10**BR* *BR* *BR* Instrumentation*/B**BR* *BR* Application of fluorescence spectroscopy to forensic science; Siegel JA (US); 8(1):1-11; 1996.*BR* *BR* Application of pyrolysis gas chromatography in forensic science; Blackledge RD (US); 4(1):1-16; 1992.*BR* *BR* Determination of drugs of abuse and their stereoisomers by circular dichroism; Purdie N (US); 3(1):1-16; 1991.*BR* *BR* Forensic identification of explosives by mass spectrometry and allied techniques; Yinon …

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…of Crime Laboratory Directors, pp. 28-30.*BR* *BR* LeBeau, M., Andollo, W., Hearn, W. L., Baselt, R., Cone, E., Finkle, B., Fraser, D., Jenkins, A., Mayer, J., Negrusz, A., Poklis, A., Walls, H. C., Raymon, L., Robertson, M., and Saady, J. Recommendations for toxicological investigations of drug-facilitated sexual assaults, Journal of Forensic Sciences (1999) 44:227-230.*BR* *BR* Morland, H., Smith-Kielland, A. Urine screening for flunitrazepam: applicability of Emit® immunoassay [comment], Clinical Chemistry (1997) 43:1245-1246.*BR* *BR* */HTML*